Khaldoon A. Mourad


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Workshops and Seminars:

·        13.10.2013-19-10.2013: ITT Alumni Seminar 2013: Rio+20: From Recommendation to Practice - Regional Showcases for Implementation.  Cologne, Germany.

·        10-11.03.2011: The third meeting of technical experts on the application of the ecosystem approach. Istanbul, Turkey.

·        6-7.06.2010: The second meeting of technical experts on the application of the ecosystem approach. Barcelona, Spain.

·        8-9.04.2010: The first meeting of technical experts on the application of the ecosystem approach. Rome, Italy.

·        26.10-03.11.2009: International meeting »water, wastewater and the environment? Urgent issues for sustainability. Braunschweig, Germany.

·        11-13.10.2007: Workshop to reformulate the work areas of the AZAHAR program. Jordan, Amman.

·        1-3.06. 2006: International meeting to review the long term implementation of national action plans to address pollution from land-based. Durrës, Albania.

·        13-14.06. 2005: The fifth meeting on reporting under the Barcelona convention. Rabat, Morocco.