Khaldoon A. Mourad

List of Publications 

Book Chapters

1.                Mourad, K.A. and Berndtsson, R., 2012. Grapes as an alternative crop for water saving. In: Ralph P.M. and Christopher K.S. ed. Grapes: Cultivation, Varieties and Nutritional Uses. Nova Science Publishers. ISBN: 978-1-62100-016-7


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13.            Aboniyo, J., Umulisa, D., Bizimana, A., Kwisanga, J.M.P., and Mourad, K.A. 2017. National Water Resources Management Authority for A Sustainable Water Use in Rwanda. Sustainable Resources Management Journal, 2(3): 01-15. DOI:

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1.                Ng’ang’a, G.J., Mourad, K.A. and Sang J. (submitted). Effectiveness of Contour Farming and Filter Strips on Ecosystem Services. Applied Water Science