Khaldoon A. Mourad

List of Publications 

Book Chapters

        I.     Mourad, K.A. and Berndtsson, R., 2012. Grapes as an alternative crop for water saving. In: Ralph P.M. and Christopher K.S. ed. Grapes: Cultivation, Varieties and Nutritional Uses. Nova Science Publishers. ISBN: 978-1-62100-016-7


      II.     Mourad, K.A., Gaese, H. and Jabarin, S.A., 2010. Economic value of tree fruit production in Jordan Valley from a virtual water perspective. Water Resources Management, 24(10), pp. 2021-2034.

    III.     Mourad, K.A., Berndtsson, J.C. and Berndtsson, R., 2011. Potential fresh water saving using greywater in toilet flushing in Syria. Journal of Environmental Management, 92(10), pp. 2447-2453.

    IV.     Mourad, K.A. and Berndtsson, R. 2011. Potential water saving from rainwater harvesting in Syria. Journal of Water Management and Research, 67, pp.113-117.

      V.     Mourad, K. A. and Berndtsson, R., 2011. Syrian water resources between the present and the future. Air, Soil, and Water Research, 4, pp.93–100.

    VI.     Mourad, K.A. and Berndtsson, R., 2012. Water status in the Syrian water basins. Open Journal of Modern Hydrology, 2, pp.15-20.

  VII.     Mourad, K., Berndtsson, R., Abu-El-Sha'r, W., and Qudah M.A., 2012. Modeling tool for air stripping and carbon adsorbers to remove trace organic contaminants. International Journal of Thermal & Environmental Engineering, 4(1), pp. 99-106.

VIII.     Mourad, K. A. and Berndtsson, R., 2012. Analysis of agricultural production in Syria from a virtual water flow perspective. Journal of Agricultural Science and Applications, 1(3), pp 60-66.

    IX.     Mourad, K. A., Berndtsson, R. And Aggestam, K., 2013. Can integrated water resources management contribute to sustainable peace in the Middle East? Journal of Geosciences and Environment Protection. 1(1), 1-8.

      X.     Mourad, K. A. and Alshihabi, O., 2015. Assessment of future Syrian water resources supply and demand by WEAP model. Hydrological Sciences Journal (Accepted). DOI: 10.1080/02626667.2014.999779.

        XI.     Mourad, K. A., Silveira Neto J.W., Pinto, F.A. and Santos., M.G. 2015. Culture of Medicinal Plants in the city of Fortaleza as a proposal for the sustainable development of the municipality. International Journal of Life Science and Engineering. 1(4), 177-182.


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